Magic Moments at Daddy Daughter Dance

Dads and their pre-teen daughters once again enjoyed special moments when they attended the annual Daddy Daughter Dance put on by the Marco YMCA of South Collier. And, as in previous years, it was one of those parties where everybody danced like nobody was watching because nobody was watching.

They were all on the floor, moving to the music of DJ Steve Reynolds, a.k.a. Tony DeLucia—community relations manager of the Marco YMCA of South Collier.

The dress-up evening attracted about 50 dapper dads along with their exquisitely turned out daughters.

Prolific Y volunteer John Richie provided free portraits as the guests arrived, and when there was a break in the music everybody tucked into big slices of pizza donated by Kathein Jewelers.

Traditionally, the little ones started off the evening dancing formally with their dads, but when the music tempo kicked up it was time for conga lines.

Pictured are some of the dads and daughters on the floor.


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