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Theater Camp: Courtroom Spoof Raises Chuckles Galore

August 17, 2018 They squeezed what would normally be three months of rehearsing into one week flat, and came up with a little gem of a play.

A spoof on TV courtroom dramas, “Goldilocks on Trial” basically wrapped up the Greater Marco Island Family YMCA’s special summer camp program by eliciting giggles,… Read More

YMCA Theater Camp CourtRoom

Campers Experience Chinese Culture and Language

August 14, 2018 Exposure to other cultures, philosophies and societies help foster tolerance and empathy. Speaking another language can be a bridge to friendship and cooperation.”

These words, spoken by Nick, explain why he and his sister Katie designed a program for the Greater Marco Family YMCA summer camp… Read More

Mandarin Camp at YMCA
YMCA Football Camp

Former NFL Players Put Y Campers through their Paces

August 9, 2018 During their NFL playing days, Jimmie Bell (Chargers) and Steve Grant (Colts) had 100 percent commitment to their franchises.

Around two decades later, that commitment has a slightly different direction. . . . Read More

Dealing with diabetes: Kids attend special camp at the Marco YMCA

August 6, 2018 Happy to show his silver “dog tag” identifying him as a Type 1 diabetic, 11-year-old Maximus Collins of Everglades City was matter-of-fact about the disease.

“At my school, we don’t have any other students with diabetes,” said Collins. “It’s only me. I check my sugar. If it’s low, you can pass out, . . . Read More

Maximus Collins

Greater Marco Family YMCA Summer Basketball Camp

June 2018 Luke O’Brien and Jade Phillips visualize shooting during the Marco Y’s specialist basketball camp at the Marco Island Middle School gym
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Marco Y camps blend creativity, learning and physical activities

June 13, 2018 Elementary school student Chloe Doxsee summed up the attraction of summer camp at the Greater Marco Family YMCA as being the opposite of school. By that, she meant there’s not only plenty of fun and creativity in the social programs, but also the educational side.

“They made math into a game today,” said Doxsee, who later unwound with young fellow campers on the final day of the first week of camp in a . . . Read More

Marco YMCA Art Camp

Realistic Role Playing: Marco Y stages youth in government session at MICMS

June 1, 2018 Fast-forward a couple of decades and you might just see some current Marco Island seventh grade students serving in the Florida Legislature. That observation comes directly from the present governor of the Florida YMCA Youth . . .  Read More

Selfies, screen time and Internet addiction: Documentary film looks for solutions

May 25, 2018 As the long-serving principal of the Marco Island Charter Middle School, George Abounader was particularly interested in the recent local screening of a documentary called “Screenagers.” It examines the cumulative effects of spending excessive amounts of time on digital devices, particularly cellphones.  Read More

Mini Grads Marco YMCA

Mini-grads to the fore: Marco Y sends its preschool students off to kindergarten in style

May 24, 2018 It was time for the island’s littlest graduates to shine, and they did. They sparkled. Dressed in black gowns and caps, 13 youngsters from the Greater Marco Family YMCA’s preschool delighted their parents with monologues and songs before receiving . . .  Read More

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