Publix Supermarket Charities is a partner to the Marco Y in equipping the warming kitchen in our new Youth Center.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

At the Y, we’re committed to children’s development and well-being. We know how challenging it can be for busy families to eat well and get enough physical activity in their days. We believe that small steps lead to big changes. Families that choose healthy foods tend to feel more energized, enjoy a greater range of activities as individuals and as a family, and live a fuller, more engaged life. With a balanced approach, the Y introduces simple steps for healthy cooking and healthy eating.

Key Healthy Habits:

  • Choose Your Drinks with Care A simple way to improve your family’s overall health is to explore your approach to fluids by cutting out the drinks with added sugar and adding more water, 100% fruit juice and low-fat milk to your family’s diet. If your family is currently used to drinking sugar-sweetened beverages, begin working gradually to replace them with healthier options.
  • Topic: Aim for Five a Day The delicious crunch of fruits and veggies can be part of every meal and snack your family enjoys throughout the day and is important for your whole family’s health. Everybody needs the vitamins, fiber and minerals that these colorful foods provide in order to grow and stay strong, energetic and free from illness. Stay healthy by reaching for five servings every day.
  • Check the Label By learning to make sense of the information that all food packages are required to provide, you can begin to make choosing healthier foods a little easier. When shopping, refer to the NUTRITION FACTS label. We can help you make sense of it all.
  • Control Your Portions Sure, we all overeat from time to time, but by being careful to serve food portions that are aligned with your family’s energy needs is one way to help everyone eat and be healthier.

This is one example of the importance of a teaching kitchen within the Marco Y Youth Development Center. The CHIP program as well as the afterschool Green Thumb project utilizes the facility to teach and learn the importance of healthy eating.

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