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It Takes A Village

This Is Ours

We feel it was only right to honor our policy volunteers, those who sit on our Board.

Board of Directors:

Ashley Lupo, President
Steven Falciani – Secretary
Gene D’Onofrio – Treasurer
Jayme Lowe- Gala Co-Chair
Scott Stonebreaker – President Elect, Capitol Development Chair
Chuck Thomas – Governance Chair
Fritzi Holmes – Special Events Chair
Roger Raymond – Program and Membership Chair
Joseph Contarino
Paul Tateo

Life Trustees: Thank you to those who had a hand in our history!

  • Al Bruggemeyer
  • Ann Henegan
  • Mel Ollman
  • Dick Shanahan
  • George Schroll

Contact Us

For more information please contact:

Cindy Love
(239) 394-3144 ext 103

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