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It Takes A Village.  This is ours!

YMCA Past & Present Board Presidents

We are grateful for the community support and wish to honor our policy volunteers who provide leadership, guidance and values as they sit on our Board.

Board of Directors:

Ashley Lupo, President
Gene D’Onofrio, Treasurer
Scott Stonebreaker, President Elect, Capitol Development Chair
Chuck Thomas, Director/ Governance Chair
Fritzi Holmes, Director/ Special Events Chair
Roger Raymond, Director/ Program and Membership Chair
Joseph Contarino, Director
Paul Tateo, Director
Chris Major, Director
Jayme Lowe, Director/ Gala Co-Chair

Life Trustees: Thank you to those who had a hand in our history!

  • Al Bruggemeyer
  • Ann Henegan
  • Mel Ollman
  • Dick Shanahan
  • George Schroll

Contact Us

For more information please contact:

Cindy Love
(239) 394-3144 ext 103

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