The Princesses and the Pea

Gina Sisbarro has been a very busy playwright and director. She just completed her third production for the YMCA of South Collier Y-Theatrics Club, “The Princesses and the Pea.” 

The Cast consisted of: 

  • Narrator: Audrina Lopez
  • King: CJ Quinton
  • Queen: Ella Nelson
  • Prince: Caleb Schemel
  • Princess Aroura: Alya Vatansever
  • Cindy: Angie Lopez
  • Princess Naggy: Sophie Ogdin
  • Princess Crab Apple: Gigi Politi
  • Princess Laugh-A-Lot: Adara Clark Dilworth
  • Princess Ramble: Olivia Rodriguez
  • Princess Know-it-All: Zaria Pierre
  • Princess Zihara Zod: Sofie Saavedra
  • Jake the Janitor: Ryan Sullivan
  • Assistant Director: Ryan Sullivan 

The play was about a young prince looking for a bride of true royal blood, it was performed in front of family and friends. Gina thanked the parents, Cindy Love, Stephanie Pepper and the staff at the YMCA where more plays are in the making. The YMCA hosts a one-week summer theater camp as well.


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